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This easy fillable Planner/Journal will keep you on track for moving ahead in your career. Keep track of your certificates and make plans to add to your skill set. Record your employment history, write down med questions, and then document the answers from your reliable sources. A To-Do List is always needed to stay on task. Print your To-Do List one page at a time. Don’t forget about the Medication Management Workbook Series 1 to assist you in developing all your skill sets.

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Use this 50-page Planner and Journal to develop your goals and stay on the path to your dreams. You will decide exactly what you want and document the steps needed to achieve them in the next 6 months to 5 years. You will journal your success and your failures. Some of the best lessons come from trying and failing something new. Write down what you will do differently next time and keep it as a reminder of how to overcome anything. NEVER BE AFRAID TO TRY