Student Testimonials

Brilliant! Gave all information and instruction needed to do my work, I feel confident about caring for my client.  The Alzheimer’s class gave me more information that I am able to use now with my client.  Judy Tartan(Professional Caregiver Graduate) 


I have learned so much from Ms. Gretchen! I have loved her classes, learning about the caregiver fundamentals and Dementia. I feel grateful for this learning experience and hope more people will take her classes because I believe 8 or 16 hours of training is not enough when it is about caring and assisting in a proper manner.  Thank you for everything!  Pema Hanly  (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

Ms. Gretchen is a gem and beyond, she is wonderful. informative, upbeat, a fun class.  Amazing!!    Melissa Gonzalez-Riggs (Professional Caregiver Graduate)


This class is amazing I would take it over again!  I love TJ and Gretchen!    Elizabeth Rodriquez (Professional Caregiver Graduate)


The class was very knowledgeable, loved the materials and handouts given.  I liked the hands on approach and movies, great experience and would recommend this to family and friends!

Melissa Foos (Professional Caregiver Graduate)


Ms. Gretchen’s class is fun and you learn a ton of valuable information!   (Professional Caregiver Graduate)


Incredible class and instructor!  The knowledge is amazing and helpful, always remember “Use it or lose it”.   Thank you Ms. Gretchen, you helped me in so many ways!

Titeana Green (Professional Caregiver Graduate)


I think Gretchen’s class is the best investment that I made when deciding to be a caregiver! Ms. Gretchen’s experience and knowledge in this field is suberb!  Her classed are very informative and fun and I would recommend her school to anyone who is interested in pursuing this field. I am proud to say that “I am a student who graduated from CQES!   Georgette Nakoa (Professional Caregiver Graduate)


This school, Ms. Gretchen and Ms. TJ have been a true blessing in my life!  I am grateful I found this school and have been given to learn about caregiving and be certified and hired as a caregiver.  Ms. Gretchen is an amazing teacher who has a big heart!  She truly is passionate on caregiving and she cares about her students and that they will make a huge difference in the future of caregiving.  She really is very knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher!  I am thankful to learn from her and make a difference to clients and help them have a better quality of life.  Forever grateful and feel so blessed!   Theresa Callaway  (Professional Caregiver)

OMG?  This was such a awesome experience. I truly thank God for Ms. Gretchen for having the sincerity towards the elderly and taking the time to equip her students to be well trained caregivers. I definitely recommend this school to anyone wanting to further this career. God Bless you Ms. Gretchen. Quaneshia (Professional Caregiver)

This class definitely goes to the top of my list of enjoyable , interactive and fun. It was a truly relaxing yet fun learning environment and I hope that everyone that takes this class remembers Ms. Gretchen as I will because she truly gave me knowledge and understanding  that I needed to achieve my goals. Avonda (Professional Caregiver)

I really like Ms. Gretchen’s class because she teaches you what you rally need to know about care giving and makes the class fun at the same time. I learned so much about care giving  that I didn’t know even know and I like how she explains everything down to every  detail so you can understand whats going on. she makes you wanna come to class and learn and makes care giving no seem so bad. I totally would recommend this class to anyone who is look to make care giving a career.  Xandria, ( Professional Caregiver.)


Thank you Gretchen for being a very informative instructor and for being my friend. You gave me an education of a lifetime. You pointed me in the right direction of  where I needed to be. I appreciate it so much. You pushed me to the top. You said I would get a job before I graduated and I got three job offers. I am so amazed. Everywhere I go and no matter what I do I will remember you and CQES. Thanks so much.  Susan Seye (Professional Caregiver ) 

I absolutley loved this class I loved my instructor (my mentor) Gretchen! She’s the best and her teaching is so great and timely. I’m going to take all this knowledge she gave me and the best caregiver possible, and before you leave this class she makes sure you’ll become a believer. I would so tell people about this class because it’s been such an amazing experience to me I want someone else to feel the joy I feel leaving!  Ronisha Spears (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

I really enjoyed this class! it was very informative, I thought it would be very hard for me but no, I MADE IT!  This class has me ready to be a professional caregiver, thanks so much Ms. Gretchen.  To everybody who wants to become a professional caregiver, PLEASE come to CQES!  Diane Ekoue (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

I was so nervous and scared when I started classes, but Gretchen and everyone else made it so enjoyable, I really hated for it to end.  I would recommend these classes for everyone that is considering caregiving!  Linda Tibbitts (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

Mrs. Gretchen has one of the most incredible teachings I have ever gotten, even when I doubted myself she reassured me. This is my last day in class and I thought it was the hardest class, but again she saw to it that I understood and that I would not fail. So I know if I can do it . . . YOU CAN TOO, TRUST ME!!!  Thank you so very much I will see you next year and every year after.  I love you Mrs. Gretchen!    Paige Robertson (Professional Caregiver Graduate)


I really enjoyed this class, it was very informative and it taught me alot of things I did’nt know. I look forward to coming back and learning more. This class has me ready and prepared to be a professional caregiver.   T’kondrea Hopkins (Professional Caregive Graduate)

This class has helped me so much, I have been a PCA for 4 years and I thought I knew everything about being a caregiver until I attended CQES. It has helped me in my job to understand Alzheimer’s and Dementia,  medication training and knowing how to address certain issues when either in a residential facility or a private home.  It’s more than clinical training, hands on and book work, it’s not just taking a 16 hour class to become a PCA/Caregiver, it takes patience and a kind dedicated person to become a Caregiver.  I would highly recommend this class.     Almeka Dodds (Professional Cregiver Graduate)

I was finally able to seize the moment because of this program! I couldn’t complete the course because of personal obstacles in my life but with Gretchen and TJ constantly setting the bar and their open loving arms of faith I found strength and determination I thought I had lost forever! Thank you guys for your creative teaching for a better career. Ambrosia M (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

CQES is a school every caregiver needs, it is so informative and empowering. Gretchen and her staff are so awesome you never want to loose touch with them. I would recommend CQES to anyone! Margaret S. (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

This is absolutely a must for every caregiver to take! This will change the whole perspective of this career to a new level.  Completing this class will make you proud of what you do and will benefit everybody whether you are the caregiver or the recipient.  This class is incomparable to other class providers. IT’S AMAZING!!  Ruben Francia (Professional Caregiver Graduate & Home Owner)


I love CQES schooling! Gretchen is a wonderful instructor that not only teaches the material with enthusiasm but with knowledge.  She has a unique style of teaching that helps you to not only learn but absorb the material your learning.  Gretchen gives her students hands on learning which I feel is vital for those who have zero health-care experience.  Gretchen genuinely cares about her students and wants them all to succeed.  Suzanne Doren (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

I took the caregiving 101 class and I couldn’t be more happier with Gretchen’s expertise.  I definitely appreciated her level of enthusiasm and genuine interest to share her knowledge with us.  The curriculum was very informative and easy to understand, especially with Gretchen’s concrete examples.  I am signed up for more classes through CQES and am looking forward to learning more.  Kudos to Gretchen and TJ for an amazing team of professionals at CQES.  Eileen R. (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

I loved my time at the CQES Caregiving Program, it was informative and fun! Gretchen and her team were professional and knowledgeable; they prepare you for the road and demands of being a quality caregiving professional. I would recommend this training program to anyone who has the heart to work with the elderly.   D’Ondria Barnett (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

I love this school! Gretchen and her staff are great!!!  I love the small classroom size; it makes the experience a more personal one-on-one feeling. They really encourage classroom participation and are very knowledgeable on the material they teach. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone …Oh yeah, did I mention they are great!!   Paradise Conway (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

Gretchen, you are truly a great teacher. You teach us with enthusiasm and show how much you appreciate this profession. That is a strong message to us, your students. It is about the care we give to our clients that will make them and us happy. Thank you.  Eva (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

I would highly recommend the classes at CQES for individuals interested in healthcare. I consider myself very experienced in the field of elder care but I always learned something new during each class.   JC ( Professional Caregiver Graduate)

I highly recommend CQES for anyone that would like to get in the healthcare field. The staff is excellent, the teachers are very knowledgeable. May God continue to bless them and their work.  Regina (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

Mrs. Gretchen’s class is outstanding.  She teaches you so much and makes the class upbeat.  There is never a dull moment,  informs you of everything you should know regardless if you’re going to be in a facility dealing with such a condition, and she helps youwith possible job opportunities.  I loved this class and recommend it to everyone.  Thank you, Mrs. Gretchen and T.J.  (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

 These classes were great.  Very informative.  Loved it and I learned a lot.  (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

Hi.  My name is Lulu Gamboa, a student of CQES as a certified caregiver.  I’ve learned a lot!!  Immeasurable.  I learned a lot because the CQES instructor, Gretchen Batis is great, informative and clear.  She gave great examples during training so that we would become very knowledgable students.  CQES is AWESOME!  Lulu Gamboa (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

 CQES was very informative.  G. Batis is an awesome teacher and her compassion for caregiving shows in her teaching.  Lisa Johnson (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

Thank you Gretchen for being an informative and fun teacher.  I learned things in class that I didn’t know and some stuff I had forgotten.  This class has helped me realize even more that I want to be a nurse so that I can try to change the system and the way residents are treated.  Thank you for giving me a chance when others wouldn’t.  You are an inspiration.  (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

 I am writing this to say that taking this training course has been one of the most positive things that has happened to me in along time.  The staff here is wonderful, and I would like to thank everyone for their kindness and for making this a pleasant experience.  I am glad I am finished with the class but I will miss everyone here, especially Gretchen.  Thanks for everything and for making me feel welcomed.  Patricia Lafayette (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

 I have hesitation the first time I think of attending this class but the moment Ms.Gretchen talk/speaks, I already knew this class would be an interesting one. I know that the one speaking in front has the knowledge of the subject and most importantly she has the passion of making us (caregiver) proud of being “just a caregiver”. I have attended other class on anther orgaization but I findCQES more recommendable and I am looking forward of having more classes with CQES. Thank you so very much. Jayvee Orcino

 I’m really thankful for the training I have had at CQES because not only I can understand my parents condition but I’m more confident that I’m doing the right think in taking care of the elderly or any situation that needs my attention. Caring is challenging but it’s more fun knowing you’re doing a good job. I love the experience I have had at CQES because it’s a family atmosphere. I have proper training, knowledge and skills to do the best care possible and I could give the residents with much love coz they are my family too. Thank you Gretchen for sharing your skills and knowledge with us to make us the best caregivers in Nevada.  (Professional Caregiver Graduate)