Looking to become Home Health Aide or PCA?

Our In-Home Care Aide Program of Accelerated Online 10 hours or our 16 hour   In-Home Care Aide Class will equip you to work as a PCA or if you are a CNA a Home Health Aide.


Many ask what is the difference between PCA and Home Health Aide (HHA). To work  for a PCA company you do not have to be a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant).  A CNA has to be certified as a Home Health Aide by taking a Medicaid PCA training course of 16 hours to work as a HHA.  You must understand Medicaid’s “Scope of Practice” in order to work in that environment.
Home health care aides working for an employer receiving reimbursements from Medicare or Medicaid must obtain training and pass a competency evaluation or earn a state certification.
   The In-Home Aide program cover subjects such as:
Cooking for special dietary needs
Personal hygiene
Basic safety techniques
How to respond to an emergency
Infection control
Basic nutrition

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