Student Forms

ENROLL    Step 1. Enrollment must be completed prior to paying for the class. 
Ability to Benefit and Confirmation Form   Step 2 & 3. This will assist those who do not have a copy of their diploma or Equivalent. It also contains the confirmation sheet that states you understand the student rights and disclosure form. 

Disclosure form Before you can complete your enrollment process, you must be informed of your rights, Cancelation Policies, Refund Policies and how to file a complaint. Download this form Disclosure form

108 Medication Management 16-hour Training: This will give you the overview of class information 
108 accelerated 8 hr Medication 2 day 2023: This will give you an overview of what to expect in this class program.

Current Catalog of Classes

Catalog of Classes 2023 and Disclosures

 This includes the refund policy that you must agree to when signing up for a class or program. Downloadable forms