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Center for Quality Eldercare Services

We are a Non-Degree institution licensed by the Commission on Postsecondary Education. We offer the Certification of Completion for the HCQC (The Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance) Initial 16-hour Medication Management. This disclosure forms is downloadable 

Students Rights

Persons interested in this program will receive:  a current and complete catalog containing information describing the program offered, objectives of the program, length of the program, schedule of tuition, fees  and all other charges and expenses necessary for completion of the course of study,  policies concerning cancellations and refunds, an explanation of the Account for Student Indemnification and other material facts concerning the institution and the  program or course of instruction that are likely to affect the decision of the student  to enroll therein, together with any other disclosures specified by the Administrator or defined in the regulations of the Commission. The information must be provided before signing agreement to enroll.

Additionally, we will provide each student with a current and complete copy of the agreement to enroll, dated and signed by the student or the student’s guardian if under 18 years of age and an officer of the institution. In this agreement enrollment you will have the opportunity to review each section of the agreement and have opportunity to ask questions. 

Cancelation Procedure

You have the right to cancel your enrollment agreement or withdraw from Center for Quality Eldercare Services and obtain an applicate refund. CQES share follow the refund policies that are prescribed by the Commission on Postsecondary Education of Nevada. A student who never attends a class. You may cancel the enrollment agreement by providing a written notice to withdraw by email or mail the school office.

Refund Policy

You have the right to cancel your agreement for the program if instruction, without penalty or obligations.  An agreement to enroll may be cancelled not later than 3 days after signing the agreement. If a student cancels his or her enrollment before the start of the training program, the institution shall refund to the student all the money the student has paid, minus 10 percent of the tuition agreed upon in the enrollment agreement or $150, whichever is less, and that if the institution is accredited by a regional accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education, the institution may also retain any amount paid as a nonrefundable deposit to secure a position in the program upon acceptance so long as the institution clearly disclosed to the applicant that the deposit was nonrefundable  before the deposit was paid.  That if a student withdraws or is expelled by the institution after the start of the training program and before the completion of more than 60 percent of the program, the institution shall refund to the student a pro rata amount of the tuition agreed upon in the enrollment agreement, minus 10 percent of the tuition agreed upon in the enrollment agreement or $150, whichever is less. If a student withdraws or is expelled by the institution after 3 completion of more than 60 percent of the training program, the institution is not required to refund the student any money and may charge the student the entire cost of the tuition agreed upon in the enrollment agreement. . If a refund is owed pursuant to subsection 1, the institution shall pay the refund to the person or entity who paid the tuition within 15 calendar days after the (a) Date of cancellation by a student of his or her enrollment;   (b) Date of termination by the institution of the enrollment of a student;  (c) Last day of an authorized leave of absence if a student fails to return after  the period of authorized absence; or  (d) Last day of attendance of a student, whichever is applicable.

Books, educational supplies or equipment for individual use are not
included in the policy for refund required by subsection 1, and a separate refund must be paid by the institution to the student if those items were not used by the student. Disputes must be resolved by the Administrator for refunds required by this subsection on a case-by-case basis.
For the purposes of this section:  The period of a student’s attendance must be measured from the first day of instruction as set forth in the enrollment agreement through the student’s last day of  actual attendance, regardless of absences.
The period of time for a training program is the period set forth in the enrollment agreement. Tuition must be calculated using the tuition and fees set forth in the enrollment agreement and does not include books, educational supplies or equipment that is listed separately from the tuition and fees.
As used in this section, “substantially failed to furnish” includes  cancelling or changing a training program agreed upon in the enrollment agreement without: Offering the student, a fair chance to complete the same program or another program with a demonstrated possibility of placement equal to or higher than the possibility of placement of the program in which the student is enrolled within approximately the same period at no additional cost; or obtaining the written agreement of the student to the specified changes and a statement that the student is not being coerced or forced into accepting the changes, unless the cancellation or change of a program is in response to a change in the requirements to enter an occupation.


A student or a students guardian may file a complaint about this institution with the Commission on Postsecondary Education by calling 702 486-7330 

Complaints must be mailed to:

Commission on Postsecondary Education
2800 E. St. Louis Avenue
Las Vegas, NV  89104

Students enrolled in a licensed private postsecondary educational institution have the right to register a legitimate complaint with CPE.  Prior to filing a complaint, the student must attempt to resolve the issue with school officials according to the policies of the school. 

If a student is unable to reach a resolution with the institution, the student can contact CPE and we will attempt to resolve the issue.  Until 1 year after the last date of attendance or date on which the damage occurred, whichever is later, a person claiming damage as a result of any act by a postsecondary educational institution or its agents that is a violation of NRS 394.383 to 394.560 inclusive or regulations adopted pursuant thereto. The complaint must set forth the alleged violation and contain other information as required by regulation of the Commission.

Formal complaints are investigated by staff with a decision by the Administrator.  If either party does not agree with that decision, an appeal to the full Commission may be requested within 10 days of the Administrator decision. 

Students must provide CPE with a copy of the student enrollment agreement, receipt of monies paid, all support documentation related to the allegation and a written statement.  Failure to provide support documentation can impact the length of time to complete an investigation or impact the final outcome. CPE will not communicate with a student concerning the investigation until the investigation is concluded unless the agency requires additional information from the student.   Investigations may take several months to complete based the complexity of issues, staff resources and documentation review.