Guidelines for Virtual Training

There are certain requirements for participating in the new (but temporary) virtual training for the 16 hour Initial Medication Management training. 

1. In order to participate you must have access to video webcam and the application software This is a free software for all who want to attend this class. 

2. If you have already ENROLLED for the campus training and were waiting for the business to reopen this may be an option for your. If you do not have access to webcam conferencing you will have to wait until the Governors order is lifted. Most laptops have a built in camera so that may be an option. Absolutely no phones or tables due to presentation advisability. 

3. We will provide all students with a How to Use Zoom link when we start. You may find more videos on YouTube under ZOOM. 

4. Enrolled students will receive a student packages via email prior to training. This packages must be printed in order to participate during class. If you do not have them printed you will be rescheduled for another date when you do have them printed. 

  • The student package will contain all forms and materials for your knowledge.

5. We want you to download the manual because there are reading assignments for homework. If you prefer the manual in hand, you may pick one up at the office while supplies last. Call first 702 489-5822

6. The hands on portion of our normal classroom experience will be altered but hopefully we can still proved student interaction in an appropriate manner. 

7. TESTING:  Do to the nature of our current global crisis this class has been temporarily approved by the Bureau of Healthcare and Compliance but with the understanding we must use CDC guidelines for campus testing.  We will be taking temperatures  and asking COVID-19 questions upon arrival. You must have a mask to be admitted to CQES campus. You will have an appointment and no walk ins allowed. 

8.   Classes will be in three sessions from 8:45 am-2:00 pm first two days and finish up third day from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm. You may check in on Zoom at 8:45 to make sure  your audio and video work for class. 8