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CQES Caregiver training will give you the knowledge and skills to succeed!

Whatever training level you choose, we will make the learning process an exciting and informative process. We honor Direct Care Workers and believe they are one of the most under-appreciated professions in the healthcare industry. Our desire is to acknowledge the dedication and skill it requires and give the proper recognition to each and every worker.


Caregiver Continuing Education refreshers and a new skill set.

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by learning Medication Management. Med Techs are in high demand. We offer the initial 16-hour medication training that is required by the State of Nevada and the 8-hour refresher online or ZOOM.

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What makes a Caregiving Program effective?

When a program can demonstrate that it helps caregivers under “real world conditions” it is effective.  If the program demonstrates the ability to improve caregiver’s knowledge, skills, morale, and health and reduce depression, injury, ill health, social isolation then it is proven in the community to be effective.

Our goal is to create a statewide network of Master level caregivers that are dedicated to a lifelong career in the healthcare continuum.

Comments from Past Students

I’m really thankful for the training I have had at CQES because not only I can understand my parents’ condition but I’m more confident that I’m doing the right thing in taking care of the elderly or any situation that needs my attention. Caring is challenging but it’s more fun knowing you’re doing a good job. I love the experience I have had at CQES because it’s a family atmosphere. I have proper training, knowledge, and skills to do the best care possible and I could give the resident… Read more