Workforce Connections


CQES is an approved Training Provider  for Workforce Connections of Nevada

Workforce Connections mission is to get Southern Nevada’s workforce back on its feet through partnering with a wide array of employers and agencies dedicated to investing in the future of our communities.

Their mission is to develop a world-class workforce through the distribution of funds earmarked for training, apprenticeships and other market driven strategies designed to couple the right workers with the right employers.

CQES is working with many providers to provide free training for Direct Care Workers and In-Home Care Aides (PCA’s) in Las Vegas.

Providers help the unemployed and underemployed Nevadans toward financial stability. They offer resources and support for education, training and employment preparation.

COES Caregiver and In-Home Care Aide Training Program

The Center for Quality Eldercare Services (CQES) is licensed to operate as Postsecondary Educational school, offering training and potential job placement assistance as a Caregiver in a long-term residential care facility. 

In order to receive assistance  in paying for the training, the prospective candidate must:

  1. Meet all (WIOA) Workforce Investment Act eligibility requirements.
  2. Agree to proactively seek employment as a Caregiver following the completion of training.*
  3. Agree to keep in monthly contact with Workforce Providers for a one-year period after job placement & provide quarterly employment verification (copies of paystubs) during that time.*
The way the process works is:


  1. The prospective candidate attends an Orientation with a provider, during which time various basic skills tests are administered.


  1. In conjunction with CQES, providers reviews the results of the tests and makes a determination as to each candidate’s appropriateness for training.


  1. An intake appointment is scheduled with a providers representative. At the meeting, all necessary eligibility documentation is submitted by the candidate, additional required forms are reviewed and signed, and a final decision is reached as to whether or not to proceed with training at CQES (feedback from the candidates themselves is also factored into this).


  1. Providers staff submits a request to an Allocations Committee for the funds needed to cover the cost of training for each candidate. The Allocations Committee makes the final determination as to whether or not to approve the requests on a case-by-case basis.


  1. All approved candidates meet with CQES to work out a start date and all other aspects related to training. After the candidate starts training, providers will sends  check directly to CQES on their behalf for the cost of the training.