Graduated Students

 Thank you for considering our CQES graduates

Our approach provides the ideal solution for students whose primary goal is to become a caregiver dedicated to helping clients who need assistance with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing and medication reminders.
Our training program teaches the caregiver essentials and well beyond the state requirements for caregivers. Our students will be glad to mentor one day with your community if they have not done the mentor-ship day prior to interview with you. 
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 Last Update  7/28/17

Students are available,  hire quickly they don’t last long!!   We are now removing hired graduates Web Application to protect companies from loosing valuable employees.

Laura Dominguez-Perez 774  -Spanish speaking

Teresita Mutia

Luciana Ainchm


Mary Grant

Tia Jackson

Cindy Snyder

Tiffani Ross

Raquel Keil

Elisa Rosales Spanish speaking

Ismaray Gola – Spanish speaking

Gisela Jimenez– Spanish speaking


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