Student Requirements

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Entrance Requirements: All students are required to provide a photo ID, a copy of High School diploma or equivalency. If a student does not have a diploma or equivalency a Pre-Exam must be taken in order to evaluate the student’s “Ability to Benefit” from the program.


1.     Bring your lunch

2.     Arrive no later than 8:45 each day, students that arrive 15 minutes late may be rescheduled to another date.

3.     Students must call at least one hour prior to the beginning of a class if they cannot attend.

4.     Students should confirm attendance 1 day prior to class

5.     Photos will be taken on the second day of class for certificates.

6.     If your employer paid for the class, you are not entitled to a copy or the original. NO copies will be given so don’t ask.

7.     Students must pass with an 80% or better to receive a passing grade

8.     Medication Technicians must sign a Re-Testing Procedures agreement. See below

Dress Code:

1.       Scrubs or professional dress

2.     Shoes must be closed-toe and no heals for Caregiving/PCA class

3.       Sleeves of garments worn under scrub tops must be at least short sleeved NO sleeveless tops.

4.     Hems of garments worn under scrubs should not show. Scrubs are to fit and be worn appropriately.

5.     Sizing should conform to the body, so it doesn’t snag on equipment.

6.     No pants are to be worn sagging down below the waistline.

7.     Shoes must be closed-toe and heel, no backless shoes or backless clogs. Shoes and socks must be unornamented.

8.     Students should be well groomed.

9.     Hair should be neat and clean, long hair should be tied back for safety. Beards or mustaches must be closely trimmed.

10.  No elaborate or large jewelry or accessories, only small post-style earrings allowed. Heavy neck chains, necklaces, bracelets, or large rings should not be worn with a uniform.

11.  No headgear, hats, caps, neck scarves, wristbands or gloves. Outer garments: sweaters and jackets for warmth are allowed in the classroom.

Re-Testing Procedures

The following procedure will be followed to re-test after failing any test.

1.     Testing must be rescheduled within 4 weeks

2.     The first and second week will be self-study

3.     3rd week the student must sit in class for the first 2 days (no sooner)

4.    4th-week student can test again. (Tuesday or Wednesday only after 2:30)

5.     Note that the test can be taken one additional time at no cost, however, if you fail again you will have to take the course at the normal rate.

6.     CQES reserves the right to refuse certification of Med Management even if you pass the state test. We are obligated to certify that individuals can enter the community as qualified Med Techs. If on the third day of the clinical if we find learning deficits, we may withhold certification. You must sign this type of agreement to participate in the course.

Print Requirements     Student Requirements