Master Certification Program

Master Certification Program

CQES is actively supporting the evidence-based program for direct care workers by providing the training on various caregiving topics.

Our strategies and emphasis is to invest in our community of direct care workers by building skills and supports and protecting caregiver’s health. As direct care workers learn problem-solving, stress management, management of problem behaviors workers can be made more effective and more resilient.  This strategy has shown to be effective in protecting the help of the caregiver.

What makes a caregiving program effective?

When a program can demonstrate that it helps caregivers under “real world conditions” it is effective.  If the program demonstrates the ability to improve caregiver’s knowledge, skills, morale and health and reduce depression, injury, ill health, social isolation then it is proven in the community to be effective.

Our goal is to create a state wide network of Master level caregivers that are dedicated to a lifelong career in the healthcare continuum.

 Master Certificate is available only after you have completed the 80 hours of training  and you complete a comprehensive evaluation and testing.

Gold Certificate is 80 hours of training completed and tested.

Silver Certificate is 60 hours of training completed and tested. They will have also performed one day of the Mentoring Program with a preferred Mentoring Community.

Bronze Certificate is 40 hours of training completed and tested. This will include the 16 hour Medication Training and the Basic Caregiving training.