Graduates Update

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If you completed a Program that was funded through a grant or paid privately for a full programyou are required to update your statusAs a graduate of CQES you are now required to complete the following appropriate form below based on the month you graduated.  Since CQES is a Postsecondary institution we are required to follow our students for one year after graduation. Additionally our goal is to assist you with continued job assistance if needed in the future.  We will need this completed twice a year, six months after you have graduated and nine months after graduation. We have made this procedure as simple as possible. If we have not heard from you we will send you an email and the link to this page.

Programs: In-Home Care Aide, 45 hours or the Direct Care Worker/PCA Program of 80 hours.    MUST COMPLETE FORMS.

Whatever OPTION number you use, use it for First Update and Final Update.

Correct example: Option 1 First Update and Option 1 Final Update. 

  1. Click on the OPTION  based on the month you graduated. 
  2. Complete the appropriate fields
  3. Submit
  4. Return nine months later to complete a final update. (Note: date is at the bottom of the form)
  5. Submit

First Update (6 months after graduation)

Option 1: You graduated January, February or March    First Update: July, Aug or September 2017. 

Option 2: You graduated April, May or June   First Update: Oct, Nov or Dec 2017

Option 3: You graduated July, August or September  First Update: Jan, Feb, March 2018

Option 4: You graduated October, November or December.   First Update: April, May or June 2018

Final Update (9 months after graduation)  

Option 1: Still working in the 4th quarter – (Graduated in January, February or March)

Option 2: Still working in the 4th quarter – (Graduated in April, May or June)

        Option 3: Still working in the 4th quarter – (Graduated in July, August or September)

Option 4: Still working in the 4th quarter- (Graduated in October, November or December)