Hire one of our students and you may be eligible to have help paying their salary.

We call it OJT or On-the Job-Training.  There are a few eligibilities for an employer to qualify.

An employer must meet the following:

1.       Have intention to hire the person

2.       Must guarantee a 32 hour work week.

3.       Preferable $11 an hour (on some occasion, we would consider under $11, especially if there is a potential increase after client passes the probation,for instance, etc.)

4.       Commission or performance base wage do not qualify

5.       The newly hired must meet eligibility for Workforce Connection (18 years old or older, US Citizen or Permanent Resident, Resident of Nevada, must have a valid SS # and for male, must have registered with Selective services.)

If the employer meet these requirements, we can potentially do a wage reimbursement up to 50% and/or up to 90 days.