Criteria for Funding

New Funding Criteria for Workforce Grants 

 Individuals looking to receive the Federal Grant money will now have to complete a new testing process. After you have met with a Worforce/OneStop case manager from the available providers, you will  have  to complete a testing process. They have instituted a standardized testing with the ACT WorkKey program. The OneStop and CSN will provide testing to the applicants. We have given you an overview of  what you can  expect in the testing. Please log on  the listed website and try the SAMPLE tests.

ACT WorkKeys consists of three elements:

    • Job skill assessments, which are designed to measure foundational and personal skills as they apply to the workplace
    • Job analysis, which pinpoints or estimates skill benchmarks for specific job positions that individuals must meet through testing
    • Skill training, which helps individuals boost their scores

Skill assessments

ACT WorkKeys includes twelve workplace skill assessments:

    • Applied Mathematics – applying mathematical reasoning to work-related problems
    • Applied Technology – understanding technical principles as they apply to the workplace
    • Business Writing – composing clear, well-developed messages relating to on-the-job situations
    • Listening – being able to listen to and understand work-related messages
    • Locating Information – using information from sources such as diagrams, floor plans, tables, forms, graphs, and charts
    • Workplace Observation – paying attention to details in instructions and demonstrations
    • Reading for Information – comprehending work-related reading materials such as memos, bulletins, policy manuals, and governmental regulations
    • Teamwork – choosing behavior that furthers workplace relationships and accomplishes work tasks
    • Writing – measures the skills individuals use when they write messages that relay workplace information between people
    • Performance – related to attitudes toward work and the person’s tendency to engage in unsafe work behaviors
    • Talent – includes dependability, assertiveness, and emotional stability
    • Fit – how interests and values correspond to a particular career

 Job analysis

The job analysis component of ACT WorkKeys helps to set benchmarks that correspond with WorkKeys scores, giving the examinee a target score to hit in order to qualify for a job.   BRONZE is the target.

Go to this website and pre-test before going to Workforce Connections/OneStop

Please let us know if you are going to continue the process.

Click Here: Sample Workkey Testing