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Community Partners for Scholarships

Dear Community Member,

My name is Gretchen Batis and I am the CEO of Center for Quality Eldercare Services the first private Postsecondary School for Direct Care Worker and Personal Care Attendants in the State of Nevada.

Over the past 5 years we have worked with more than 100 adults yearly to offer them a chance to gain educational qualifications through providing comprehensive and appropriate healthcare courses they may not have been able to obtain elsewhere.  These individuals increased not only in knowledge, but confidence, self-esteem and allowed them to gain employment working with the elderly and those with developmental disabilities.

Regardless of our efforts we are still facing a shortage of industry professionals. The “Silver Tsunami” has already begun and it will overtake the limited supply of trained individuals.

CQES has now established a Scholarship program that offers organizations, companies and individuals to donate towards the education of people who have the heart for caregiving but may not have the financial ability to obtain certification and reach their full potential in the healthcare industry.

Why give towards this Scholarship?

·       You or your family member in the future may need a skilled and knowledgeable professional to assist in your home or in a residential community.

·       You are helping individuals become more productive and self-reliant.

·       You may be an employer who needs to retain qualified attendants and groom them for leadership.

·       We all share a common belief that individuals’ have the right to respect and dignity while receiving proper care.

You can play a positive role in the health and welfare of our seniors and individuals with developmental disabilities in Las Vegas by participating in one of our Scholarship programs. Will you please consider supporting one of the Scholarship programs? For more information, contact us directly at CQES.


Gretchen Batis

Scholarship Programs


Option 1. Direct Care Worker Scholarship.  This Scholarship is One-hundred dollars towards the Direct Care Worker/In-Home Care Aide Program of $1040.00. This programs consists of over 80 hours of training. It requires a 150-word essay on how to preserve dignity and respect for the elderly. This course is completed within 45 days.   This will allow them to work in Residential facility for groups, Personal Care Agencies and as a Medication Technician.

Option 2. In-Home Care Aide Scholarship. This Scholarship is $50.00 towards the In-Home Care Aide Program of $525.00. This program consists of 45 hours of training and also requires a 100-word essay on how to preserve dignity and respect for the elderly. This will allow them to work with private pay and Medicaid Personal Care Agencies.

Option 3. JAG Scholarship. This Scholarship is in loving Memory of Mrs. John Albert Guarnieri my mother. This scholarship is a flat financial award of $150.00 Criteria for participation in this award is the student has or had a family member who had a form of Dementia.  The student must complete 21 hours of training. This consists of two classes. 102: Alzheimer’s & Dementia Training and the 107: Advance Documentation.

Option 4. CARE Scholarship. This certification Caring Attendant Reaching Elderly. Scholarship is a flat financial award of $250.00 Pre-requisite for awarding this scholarship the student must possess a current basic DWC/PCA certificate. This will be a great addition to their current education. Student must complete 16 hours of training. This consists of two classes. 103: Mental Illness and Developmental Disability training and 104: Chronic Illness training.

If you would like to participate in any of the Scholarship Programs complete the following information, fax to our office and we will contact you with details.

Company or Organization:

Contact Name:

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Mail to: CQES     8020 W. Sahara Ave #235, Las Vegas, NV 89117

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