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Thank you for considering CQES for your educational needs. CQES strives to provide each student with a quality education and the knowledge needed to be successful. CQES is owned by Gretchen Batis and is licensed by the Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education.

“CQES is a school every caregiver needs, it is so informative and empowering. I would recommend CQES to anyone!” Margaret (Professional Caregiver Graduate)

Our Academic Director and one of our instructors, Priscilla Santayana, M.Ed.,RN, B-C has over 52 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Our instructors use a variety of interactive teaching methods to enhance the learning experience and are committed to training high quality direct care workers. All of these things, combined with low student-teacher ratios, result in what we believe to be unsurpassed quality training.

We offer full programs and individual subject classes. Whether it is your initial class or refresher we have what you need to succeed.

CQES now offers CEU’s for the Nevada State Board of Nursing

  All classes meet between 4-8 hours each day they are scheduled, Monday through Friday

Full Programs

A.  Direct Care Worker: This program prepares students to assist individuals in the activities of daily living such as dressing and bathing, feeding, social activities and companionship. This non-medical training will enable you to work in Residential Facilities, Assisted Living, and Homes for Individual Residential Care , Personal Care Attendant Training and  Home Health Aide (HHA). The program is 80 hours and can be completed in 30-45 days. You will receive training in over 9 major classes. View class syllabus’s for more information 101-109.  Tuition: $1040.00  ( Tuition does not reflect registration and fees, discount available if paid in advance)  Register Here

 B. In-Home Care Aide: This program prepares students to assist individuals in the activities of daily living such as dressing and bathing, feeding, social activities and companionship. As a Personal Care Attendant you may assist children, adults and elderly in the privacy of a home. This program will cover information for the Medicaid PCA Agencies and Non-Medicaid Agencies.  Training includes 45 hours and 4 major classes. View class syllabus’s for more information 101, 102,104 and 107.  Tuition: $525.00   (Tuition does not reflect 10% registration fees, ) Register Here    NEW LOWER PRICE FOR 2017

C. Medication Management: This program prepares students to become a certified Medication Technician for Residential Facilities, Assisted Living and Homes for Individual Residential Care and many more. This is an approved curriculum by the Bureau of  Health Care Quality and Compliance and has testing by a state proctor.  This is a 16 hour program. View class syllabus for details 108. Tuition: $150.00  ( Tuition does not reflect 10% registration fees.  Register Here

Individual  Classes

101: Caregiving  Fundamentals/In-Home Care Aide (16 hrs)

Course Description:  This course will provide a demonstrable knowledge to assist the elderly in maintaining their independence and retaining quality of life.  During the study students will understand and demonstrate core fundamentals of activities of daily living. They will have a workable comprehension of infection control procedures and proper body mechanics. Register Here

102: Alzheimer’s & Dementia (16 hrs)

Course Description: The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care course will instruct caregivers to recognizes that persons with dementia have the same basic needs for security, shelter, nutrition, and affection as other adults, and have the same rights to have these basic needs met. The student will be instructed how to meet these needs, as progressive disease symptoms cause increasing dependence on the direct care worker.  Register Here

106: Diabetes (4hrs)

Course Description: Students will understand what diabetes is, its complications, medication and treatment.  How proper diet, monitoring physical changes and documentation will assist the diabetic to manage their disease and reduce the impact of diabetes on the individual. Register Here

112: Caregiving Fundamentals/In-Home Care Aide (8 CEU’s)

Course Description: This course will provide a refresher of the core fundamentals of Caregiving and will provide a greater understanding of the generational differences between the Veterans and Baby Boomers.  Register Here

103: Mental Illness and Developmental 

Course Description: This course will provide an overview of mental health and mental illness.  The causes, symptoms, and treatments of a variety of mental disorders will be discussed and what can be the impact of mental illness on individuals, and how best the direct care worker can assist them daily.  Students will develop a thorough knowledge of how Developmental Disabilities will impact an individual’s daily ability and how to assist in activities of daily living.  Register Here

104: Chronic Illness (8 CEU’s)

Course Description:  Students will learn how a persistent and relentless illness will affect a client, family and caregiver.  Caregivers will gain knowledge on recognizing various warning signs and symptoms of duress and how to deal with these situations.  During this course the student will learn the proper assistance they need to give to care and aide their clients.  Register Here

111: Medication Management Refresher (8 CEU’s)

Course Description:  This approved (HCQC) Health Care Quality and Compliance Medication Management refresher course can help direct care workers to prevent medication errors. Preventing medication errors promotes patient safety. This program will teach standards to administer medications safely, avoiding risky behaviors and special handling of narcotic medications.  Register Here

 107: Advance Documentation (5 CEU’s)

Course Description: Students will develop a though ability to document observable signs and symptoms of residents in a variety of community settings. This study will assist the student to identify appropriate techniques and acceptable formats for documentation. Register Here

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Enrollment Process

Students wishing to enroll must complete the enrollment agreement and interview with the Director. To ensure a prospective student is capable of completing the program and benefiting from it, each student should have a high school diploma or equivalent.

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