Becoming a Direct Care Worker 


Whether your goal is to work as a paid home caregiver, help care for an older family member, or volunteer in your community, this training gives you the knowledge and skills to succeed! We can certify you for PCA /In-home Care Aide careers in 45 state.

Our instructors use a variety of interactive teaching methods to enhance the learning experience and are committed to training high quality direct care workers.  All of these things, combined with low student-teacher ratios, result in what we believe to be unsurpassed quality training.  

Whatever “scope of practice” you choose we will make the learning process an exciting and informative process.

We honor Direct Care Workers and believe they are one of the most under appreciated professions in the healthcare industry. Our desire is to acknowledge the dedication and skill it requires and give the proper recognition to each and every worker.


Caregiver Application It is a PDF file that you may print and fax to : 489-5858


Take the test before applying:  TEST TO BECOME A DIRECT CARE WORKER

Do you have the Skills to become a Direct Care Worker?:  Get Started

Use the Skills Profiler to create a list of your skills and match them to job types that use those skills. When your skills profile is complete, you can print it or save it.
Plan to spend about 20 minutes completing your skills profile. If you need to leave the computer for more than an hour, you should save your work (learn how).
If you want to see how your skills from a current or past job can lead you into a new career, visit mySkills myFuture.
You have two options for getting started:
Start with a job type
Find skills you need for a current or future job. Then rate your own skills to find job types that best match your skills.
             SAMPLE      Personal Care Attendant or Direct Care Worker in this field on the website link above. 

CQES:  Caregiver Application It is a PDF file that you may print and fax to : 498-5858


Looking for PCA work? Companies want online applications. Start here.

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