About Us

“Building a Team of Qualified Caregivers”

Mission Statement

Professionaly educate individuals in the medical and non-medical industry for the continued growth of quality residential, assisted living, in-home services and the Long Term Care continuum in the state of Nevada.


The need for home and community-based caregiving is one of the most compelling issues of our time. It will affect nearly every family in America. In order to be ready to meet the increasing demand for home and community-based services, Nevada must develop a capable and compassionate workforce of caregivers. CQES is preparing to meet these challenges by creating tools and resources to assist in developing an adequate supply of qualified and well-trained long-term care workers, including caregivers, personal attendants, and direct support professionals.

CQES is identifying principles for the development of an improved and enhanced caregiving workforce, to include: 1) promotion of person-centered care practices, 2) recognition of the value of the caregiver, and 3) assurance of access to care and quality of care in long-term care settings.

CQES believe there is a need for the implementation of a standardized, uniform, and universal training curriculum for the caregiving workforce. Complimentary specialty modules would include skills and knowledge to work with the elderly and individuals with physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and behavioral health disease.

Our goal is to further develop and disseminate the core curriculum and modules statewide. CQES Board of Directors and subcommittees will oversee the development of additional modules, create a quality assurance component, monitor implementation throughout Nevada and continue to develop additional recommendations to ensure success of the caregiver professional and the quality of care in our communities.